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Older, bolder, wiser!

While aging is something that inevitably affects each and one of us, it is either ignored in some circles, or it is the ‘doom and gloom’ story in others. Yet, there is something called graceful aging, which believe it or not, happens to many. Not by happenstance, but by virtue of good care and conscious choices throughout our lives. Now, while aging affects both genders I reserve to focus on ladies only in this blog. Why? Because I’m one, but also because ‘aging’ women have been marginilized for too long and it has to change.

Women, just like wine, get better with age. What scared us in our earlier years, empowers us in our later years. What we longed for back then is obsolete now. What we feared voicing becomes the parlance of our best years yet! We proudly embody what we feel, desire and deserve. We let go of what used to hold us back making us invisible because we ‘claim’ our space. There is nothing wrong with being seen and being heard.

Know that you’re perfect just the way you are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Step boldly into your essence, be the vessel that channels wisdom into the world that is so urgently needed and connect with your ‘sisters’ to make the journey more fun!

If you feel called join our community here.

Here’s to radiance, vitality and joy!

Jana 😊


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