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Cultivating your 'inner landscape'

The ‘life-pause’ caused by this global Covid-19 virus pandemic is giving us plenty of ‘food for thought’ & space to cultivate our ‘inner landscape’, which plays a major role in our overall wellbeing. Additionally, there appears to be an information overload passing through our minds and, as such, it’s imperative to only allow the facts to ‘take root’ and serve us.

I can sense that these global shifts we’re witnessing as a community will have a seismic effect on how we move forward as a society. I’d like to believe that most of us will see this as an opportunity for our personal and collective betterment, and that we’ll strive for a more balanced existence, whatever that means to you.

Some see this as a ‘forced hibernation’ seeing as though we’re advised to stay at home and only leave our abodes when absolutely necessary, while nature and its inhabitants, animate and inanimate, are having freedom and ‘fun’.

This extra time at home inevitably invites us to look ‘within’, as opposed to ‘without’, and take stock of our values, visions and future contributions to our society. Many find this anxiety-inducing as the outside ‘noise’ would normally drown out any inclinations one might have for insights and reflections. Don't fear looking within as there are many 'jewels' to be found there!

There is nothing wrong with information but in this age of information overload, it is more important than ever before, to consume information on a factual basis only because our ‘mental diet’ shapes our life. As John Addison said: “Your thoughts are your navigation system of your destiny.” So, choose wisely!

I know that there are many ‘advisors’ out there, particularly now, and I urge you to check the sources of your information channels as not everybody has your best interest at heart. Here are some, hopefully, practical tips to help navigate this unchartered territory with more ease:

Start your day with a self-care practice, whether it’s journaling, meditation, at home workout, a walk in the garden (if you happen to have one), a couple of rounds of deep breathing with your window wide open, prayer, positive affirmation, reading something inspiring or anything else that you find balancing and nurturing.

* Plan your day ahead; it’s good to have a structure in place as you feel more in control of your day.

* Connect with your ‘tribe’ on a regular basis via telephone/social media etc., especially, if you live by yourself.

* Now, while technology is perhaps more important than ever before, because it helps you connect with one another, it’s also good to limit the amount of time you spend using it and postpone turning all your gadgets on (incl. TV) until at least until 9am (especially if you’re not working).

* As mentioned before, consume your information responsibly, perhaps choose a time-frame within which you’ll catch up on the ‘news’, your email, social media etc.

* Know that however uneasy this situation is, that it too shall pass. Keep your focus on the present moment and focus on what you currently have and can do, rather than what you don’t have and can’t do.

* Cultivate your inner resilience. Now there are just too many resources to choose from but I’ll list some I’ve used over the years and found beneficial and inspiring. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned at this, I’m sure you’ll find something helpful there:

Stay well! Jana x

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