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Conscious eating

Are you one of those people who eat on ‘autopilot’ barely noticing what you put in to your mouth and finishing a meal in a matter of minutes!? And then subsequently trying to remedy your post-meal indigestion by popping a Renni? Rest assured you’re not alone. ‘Conscious eating’ is not a widely practiced concept yet. However, awareness about it is gathering and momentum is building! Digestive complaints have amassed in recent years! If we simply changed the way we approach eating, things could be vastly different.

What do I mean by ‘conscious eating’? Let me explain. We give so much time and attention to choosing the right outfit, making sure that all our gadgets are updated and fully charged, downloading the latest app to make our lives supposedly easier, yet our diet and digestive health rarely make it to the top of the list of things that matter to us. But without a well-functioning digestive system our overall wellbeing is at peril.

Make your eating a joyful ritual rather than a ‘wolf it down’ experience. It’s never too late for any change and the benefits are many.

So, before you tuck into your next meal, take a few moments to just be with your food. Express gratitude that you have food on your plate (as it’s still not the case for many) and savour each bite. Chew each mouthful well (thirty times is the ‘ideal’ number but anything past fifteen is, in my opinion, a success!) and really enjoy the culinary experience. Remember, food is what sustains you! Without proper nourishment you hardly stand a chance of thriving. So, remind yourself of the enormous potential our food carries and give it the importance it deserves!

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