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What's in season?

The autumnal season is upon us with its changing weather and vibrant colours. Colder days are a perfect excuse to wrap up warm and enjoy some ‘comfort’ foods. Some of my comfort foods are warming soups, stews and crunchy salads. I find that I’m drawn to more ‘earthy’ tastes, so root vegetables feature a lot in my recipes.

I also like to remind my clients of the importance of choosing local and in season foods (and organic whenever you can, depending on your budget). But it can be difficult to know that most types of produce even have a season. After all, when you walk into a supermarket you usually encounter a pretty impressive selection of produce. So, that being the case, why choosing local and seasonal produce is better for you?

Firstly, produce that is in season and locally grown has a higher nutritional value and tastes better. Secondly, what’s in season is also cheaper! And lastly, you’re supporting your local communities. So, it’s a win win situation for everyone involved!

This is a really useful tool for navigating the space with regards to what’s in season.

One of my favourite vegetables that are in season this time of the year is beetroot. A source of potassium, folic acid, manganese and fibre. It's also high in nitrates, which are converted into nitric oxide by your body. Nitric oxide assists vasodilation, thereby supporting your cardiovascular system. A reason good enough to enjoy them in abundance!

Try my Beetroot Salad recipe, simple, nutritious and tasty!

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