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The benefits of earthing

Have you heard of earthing? It is an ancient practice that is meant to equalize your energetic frequency with that of Mother Earth.

This is usually done by walking barefoot, touching the earth with your bare hands, sleeping on a special bedsheet or sitting on a conductive grounding system such as a mat.

In ancient times, people were connected to the ground at all times – walking barefoot, working in agriculture, dwelling in huts with mud floors, sleeping on beds of rushes and so on. And, as such, their bodies would have achieved a balanced state, with energy from Earth constantly flowing through them.

Nowadays, people spend little time outdoors and wear rubber-soled shoes, which insulate them from the Earth’s current.

We have evolved in close contact with nature, therefore spending time in nature is a must if we want to thrive. Nature has a therapeutic effect on us. I’m sure many of you would agree. Just think back to when you took a walk on the beach, had a swim in the ocean or sat around the campfire surrounded by the trees and how good you felt. You probably felt rejuvenated, relaxed, more energetic and most likely slept like a baby that night.

There is no denying that our modern gadgets make our lives more comfortable and easier but, more often than not, it is at the expense of our long-term health. Finding the right balance is key.

So, add the simple practice of earthing to your health-supporting arsenal and enjoy its benefits.

There are too many benefits of ‘earthing’ to list here now but, given that cardiovascular diseases are amongst the top three killers, I like the fact that ‘earthing’ can positively impact the viscosity of our blood which is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

While there are some who speak highly of this practice, there are also some sceptics who negate the benefits of earthing. In my opinion, lack of scientific proof is not a proof against. If you use or do something natural and feel better as a result then you should carry on.

As always don’t take my word for it, do your own search and see what you find.

In health, Jana

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