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Work with me

Prior to our initial consultation, I will ask you to provide a food diary along with a questionnaire where you’ll list your main concern for your visit. On the day of your consultation we’ll look into:


  • your health history 

  • your family health history

  • all your body systems and how they relate to your health concern

  • your day to day activities


Looking at the ‘whole picture’ rather than just symptoms offers a more holistic approach and delivers better results. Although my approach is primarily food based there is often place for supplementation in your personalized nutrition & lifestyle plan. Sometimes I might recommend functional tests.

If I feel that you would benefit from support from another healthcare professional or holistic practitioner, I might include a referral.


Please note that supplements and any functional tests are not included in the price of your consultation.

"The part can never be well unless the whole is well." - Plato

Hormonal Harmony Programme - £295

(4 weeks long)


Our hormonal landscape is volatile by nature and as such requires regular ‘fine-tuning’. Learn how you can make your hormones work for you rather than against you.

Immune Resilience Programme - £295

(4 weeks long)


A robust immune system is key to our overall health. Learn how you can support your immune system through natural means and thrive.

The packages above are four weeks long and tailored to a client's needs as we are all biochemically individual, and as such require different care and support. I am totally committed to helping you regain / support your health.

I find that I get the best results when I support clients over a period of time.

(NB: If you are a new client, an initial consultation and a follow up session will be required before any of the programmes above can be purchased.)

Initial consultation - £105 

(will take between 60 – 75 minutes)

Follow up - £65 

(will take between 30 – 45 minutes)

Savvy Shopper  £130

(2 hour session)

Are you ready to embrace your new eating habits but are confused about where to shop, what to buy and what to get rid of from your kitchen? Help is at hand! I’ll guide you step by step as you move into your new nutritionally powered eating regime.

Nourishing Meals  £130

(2 hour session)

Is healthy cooking something you aspire to do but lack the inspiration to do it? I can assist! This informative, hands on session will have you creating culinary delights that are tasty, healthy, easy and quick to make in no time.

Yoga Tuition

(private and corporate - prices on request depending on the number of attendees) 




'ZEN' Flow

A yoga practice focusing on cultivating 'the relaxation response'. Now than ever before is a time to pay close attention to managing our stress response, and by doing so strengthening our immune system.

Women's Yoga (starting in Sep 2020)

Tap into your inner wisdom though connecting with your womb - the seat of your 'wild feminine'. This practice is also suitable for women who have had their reproductive organs removed as we're connecting to the 'energetic signature' of those organs. Rejoice in cultivating a deeper connection with yourself and witness your life transform.

Terms and Conditions

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all upfront payment consultations, with the full cost of the appointment payable if it is

cancelled less than 24 hours in advance. Nutrition and lifestyle plans are only released once payment for

the consultation or plan you have purchased is received in full.


At present only the following forms of payment are accepted: cash / card / bank transfer.

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