Functional Testing

While traditional lab tests ordered by your GP or other practitioner may come back as ‘normal’, they are often far from optimal. Functional tests offer more nuanced analysis through a wider range of specialized tests. These tests are ordered from private labs and I can arrange these for you.


Tests that I recommend usually have samples collected by you at home which are then sent off for analysis.


Any functional testing with a private lab incurs an additional cost to your consultation.


While my approach is primarily food-based, I sometimes recommend nutritional supplements to provide the body with targeted nutrients in higher doses for therapeutic effects.

If I recommend supplements, I will specify the brand, dosage and length of time for which I want you to take them.

Supplements incur an additional cost to your consultation.


All health concerns are multi-faceted in nature and as such warrant a multi-pronged approach. If I feel that you would benefit from any expertise outside of my scope of practice to support you, I may refer you to other practitioners. This might include a recommendation for you to see another complementary therapist, your GP or another medical professional.



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