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Meet Jana
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Meet Jana

Real Food Advocate

I’ve always had a strong pull towards wellbeing and all things natural. In 2000 I discovered Yoga and Ayurveda, which set me on a path that proved to be one of the most rewarding and transformational experiences to date.

Nutrition is critically important in the Ayurveda & Yoga tradition, so it felt only natural to expand my knowledge and study Naturopathic Nutrition. During my studies of the abovementioned I discovered a whole new world and came to understand the vast interconnectedness of the human body and mind.


To enjoy good health, one must take care of the whole, not just its isolated parts. Vibrant You Ltd. was born out of passion for human health and deep respect for the innate intelligence of our minds & bodies.

My philosophy is simple, I believe that we should eat foods as close to their natural state as possible and listen to our body as it is a vital messenger in the health equation. Our environment, social networks, daily ‘rituals’, sleep patterns and state of mind are all intimately connected to our wellbeing and an imbalance in one affects the rest.


Diploma in Nutrition at CNM, London


Jana gained her diploma in naturopathic nutrition from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. This was a comprehensive three-year training programme that covered anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, nutrition and clinical experience. This has given Jana a thorough understanding of the body systems, their interconnectedness and nutritional support they need for optimal function.

Jana continues to take undergraduate and postgraduate training to stay abreast with the latest developments in the field of nutrition and integrative medicine.

Why Nutritional Therapy?

It can help with

Wny Nutritional Therapy?
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The health of your digestive system has far-reaching implications. The dietary choices you make have a profound effect not only on your digestion but overall health. 


Although, we can't feel it, our immune system is always at work, tirelessly protecting us against external threats to our health and overall quality of life. Therefore, it's important that we nourish this defense system on a daily basis.

Stress Management

Stress is part of our daily life and not all stress is bad for us. It is well-established that in order for you to digest your food and absorb all the nutrients you need to be in a state of calm aka parasympathetic dominance. That's why it is critical to manage your stress. by addressing your lifestyle and dietary choices.

Women's Health

Woman's health is such an important area of health, yet it isn't getting the attention it deserves. Many women find it difficult to discuss feminine matters whether it be for reasons of cultural stigma, shame or both.


Sleep is profoundly important for our overall health, But for many sleep seems to be synonymous with struggles of all sorts, especially now.


Some of your neurotransmitters responsible for your mood are made in substantial amounts in your digestive system, hence the importance of keeping your digestive system optimally balanced through wholesome diet.