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I believe that vibrant health is an attainable goal rather than an impossible dream. I started my company because I experienced first-hand the profound changes that ensue once we pay close attention to what we eat and how we live.


Every morsel of food you consume can either enhance your wellbeing, or detract from it.  Food is mostly perceived as a source of energy. But it is so much more. In fact, latest research suggests that food is an important carrier of information. It has the potential to regulate your genes. It is, therefore, one of your most powerful tools, whether you’re dealing with ill health or acting preventatively.

This concept isn’t new. Even Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was an advocate of the healing power of foods. The nutritional ‘landscape’ of the 21st century is very different to our ancestors. We have put convenience ahead of our health and the rise of chronic diseases is a great testimony of that.


Nutritional therapy is personalised, science-based, holistic approach that supports your health & wellbeing.


I cannot guarantee that I have all the answers pertaining to your health concerns. However, I can certainly help you get to the root of your complaints, and offer guidance on your path to re-gaining your health through natural & non-invasive means.


I offer you a partnership in which we’ll have an open dialogue about the most appropriate course of action. If you are ready to invest in yourself then get in touch now.

In health,

Jana of Vibrant You Ltd.

Female Health Seminars Coming Soon

Feminine Health is such an important aspect of every woman's wellbeing, yet many women find it hard to discuss such matters be it for the reasons of cultural stigma, shame or both. I'm currently working on seminars on the abovementioned topic, so stay tuned and check for updates here.

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