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'The Latte Factor'

I’ve just read an amazing & insightful book by David Bach entitled The Latte Factor’ and can’t help but draw a parallel with our own collective health, especially the excuses we find for not doing what we should. Don’t leave your finances or health to chance, make conscious decisions to support your financial stability and wellbeing!

Whilst I appreciate that we all have different financial ‘priorities & budgets’, more often than not, we conveniently persuade ourselves that living and eating healthily is way too expensive - or that we simply can’t afford the services of, let’s say, an acupuncturist, osteopath, chiropractor, psychotherapist, naturopath or any other holistic care practitioner.

The truth is, we always seem to find enough money for our daily latte and cake, that new outfit, a blow dry or a new pair of shoes that we so urgently ‘need’! 😉

So, if your truly care about your health and are currently financially overstretched, do look at your unnecessary outgoings and see if you can set up a well-being account on which you can draw upon when your health gives you a little nudge and you need some healthcare for which you have to pay. Do set up a direct debit and make it automatic, otherwise it won’t happen! Commit to contributing at least £5/a day to your ‘well-being’ account and watch it grow!

Do grab yourself a copy of The Latte Factor if you need more inspiration when it comes to your financial ‘health’.


Jana of Vibrant You Ltd.

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