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Do you believe that the more intense the exercise the better!? Not necessarily! It depends on your aim (why you exercise), your stress levels, your physical health, whether you’re female or male etc. Assess the type of your exercise regularly as what worked in your thirties might not offer the same benefits in your forties or fifties. Learn to listen to the wisdom of your body as it offers invaluable guidance in many ways.

It seems that alternating the aerobic exercise with resistance training is the way to go if we want to maintain a healthy and well-functioning body. Just like with everything 'variety is the spice of life'! And there is so much to choose from: gym visits, walking, jogging, gardening, rebounding, yoga, pilates, cycling, hiking, resistance training to name a few.

Often the main objective of regular exercise is weight loss, though we should be moving our bodies daily for the sheer fun of it!

It has been proven that exercise can boost the production of your ‘happy hormones’, regulate your blood sugar levels, increase your bone density and post-exercise metabolism (if resistance training is part of your exercise regime), release stress and much more. So, it’s a no brainer that regular physical activity should feature in our lives at least three times a week no matter what your age or how busy you are.

Although resistance training used to be mostly talked about in weight lifting circles it is now slowly but surely moving into the main spotlight because of its many benefits. And if you ladies are concerned about becoming ‘bulky’, know that your testosterone levels are nowhere near as high as in your male counterparts, so the chances of you ending up looking like a body builder are highly unlikely.

So, make movement a regular companion as our bodies were designed to move.

In health, Jana

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