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Could the health of your mouth be the cause of your poor health?

Let’s look at amalgam fillings which are about 50% mercury, i.e. the same mercury found in old-fashioned thermometers. Now every time you chew food, gum or drink warm drinks the amalgam filling releases mercury vapour that is toxic to the human body. But your regular dentist will tell you not to worry about your amalgam fillings because they’re not taught this information during their training. Watch this short video about mercury vapour.

The ‘classic’ model of “drill it, fill it and bill it” offers good financial results for your dentist but limited results for your overall health. If you want to transform the health of your mouth and, subsequently, your overall health you need to find yourself a holistic / biological dentist who practices ‘mercury-safe’ dentistry. They’re like gold dust but can be found.

It is not uncommon for people with mercury fillings to experience migraines, brain fog, persistent fatigue, digestive system complains, join pain and much more. If you have a health condition that seems to linger - and nothing seems to be helping - I invite you to have the health of your mouth assessed and addressed.

If you want to further educate yourself about holistic / biological dentistry go to:

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