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Make detox your daily practice...

While awareness about the importance of detoxification is on the rise, there are still people who think “Why bother? Isn’t that what we have our liver for?”

True, the liver is one of several organs that filters toxins out. However, environmental pollution has increased dramatically in the last few decades and our body desperately needs a helping hand. And that’s when daily, gentle detoxification comes into play. After all it’s far easier to support our detoxification pathways than it is to have a liver transplant! Don’t expect your GP to approve of your ‘detox endeavours’ as such practices haven’t reached mainstream medicine, yet.

If you have any serious health conditions always seek guidance of a health care practitioner (e.g. Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist or Functional Medicine Practitioner) before embarking on a detox. And start slow! Especially, if your diet and lifestyle aren’t balanced!

You’ll find some of my favourite, easy to follow and time-tested practices below. Pick and choose, don’t try to do them all at once.

* Start your day with hot lemon water (incl. the rind). The rind contains an active ingredient limonene which supports the detoxification pathways. Buy organic as non-organic produce is treated with pesticides and will add to your toxic load.

* Dry body skin brushing is a good practice before you shower. It gets the lymphatic system going, which is another body system we want working optimally since it carries away toxins.

* Cold shower – finish off your shower with a cold shower. A great way to support your circulation and lymphatics.

* Sip on some gentle detox teas such as: dandelion, turmeric or Holy Basil tea.

* Unplug – mental detox is as important as body detox! Allocate some time in your day when you stay away from social media.

* Move – not only does exercise boost the production of your ‘happy’ hormones but it also assists your bowel evacuation, which is so vital for overall wellbeing, yet frequently overlooked.

* Take an EPSOM salts bath – a great way to unwind at the end of the day and detoxify.

* Take time for gratitude and appreciation – detox from negative thinking and place your focus on people, things and situations that you’re grateful for.

* Eat plenty of vegetables – those mighty ‘nutritional powerhouses’ are not only great sources of multiple nutrients but also fibre, which carries out toxins via your bowel movements.

* Keep hydrated! I know you’ve heard this recommendation one time too many but if you’re dehydrated toxins that should leave your body get reabsorbed wreaking havoc on your overall health.

Happy detoxing!


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